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(3-1999) McCollum-Chidester House (1847), 926 Washington Street. Confederate General Sterling Price and Union General Frederick Steele were guests here. Gen. Steele paced on the porch taking in information and giving orders during the Poison Spring battle

(3-2012) Enlarge The bed at the Chidester home reportedly served CSA Gen. Price and US Gen Steele when both commandeered the house. Descendants of the Chidester's kept the house until the 1960s and it has lots of 1850s artifacts
Courtesy of Roy Wilson, Sheridan, AR


(3-1999) Fort Southerland, Bradley Ferry Road, two blocks west of US-79. Site Marker: Fort Southerland was one of five forts established in the Camden area in 1861 and occupied by Confederate troops under General Sterling Price in 1862. This fortification served to protect the Bradley-Ferry River crossing and the approach to Camden from the El Dorado area. Fort Southerland was the only fortification in the Camden area to be fired upon by Confederate troops. Federal troops commanded by General Frederick Steele occupied Camden and Fort Southerland from April 15, 1864 until April 26, 1864 after luring the Confederate command from the area in a series of skirmishes to the west. It was during this occupation by Federal troops that Confederate forces, under the command of General Sterling Price, fired on Fort Southerland from the Two Bayou area south of the fort. This was a short engagement and served only to harass Federal troops. Ultimately the Federal campaign failed from breakdown in supply and Federal troops withdrew, and on April 26, 1864 Confederate forces reoccupied Camden and Fort Southerland

(3-1999) Exterior ditch of Fort Southerland


(3-1999) Oakland Cemetery, Confederate section, north of Pearl Street between Adams and Young

  (3-1999) Confederate section

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