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(10-02Site of the Augusta Confederate Powder Works on the Augusta Canal. Chimney in the distance is all that remains of what was once a very large complex
Marker (Confederate Powder Works)

August 21, 2003, Augusta Chronicle article about the condition of the chimney

(10-02) Only the chimney of the powder works survived
Close-up 1   Close-up 2
Detail 1   Detail 2


(10-02) Entrance to Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, Georgia. The 60 acre cemetery was founded in 1816. There are a total of 921 Confederate soldiers buried here: 7 generals; 337 in the Confederate dead section; 31 in the survivors section, and the rest through out the cemetery

(10-02) Detail Gen. Ambrose R. Wright grave, Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta. Wright's brigade of Georgians penetrated the Union center on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg
Panorama (Magnolia Cem.)

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