Battle of Jenkins' Ferry 150th Anniversary Reenactment
Courtesy of Roy Wilson, Sheridan, Arkansas

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May 8, 2014
Our 150th re-enactment happened on April 26th, 2014. The 2nd day was cancelled on Sunday due to the threat of tornadoes, which that night hit about 50 miles north of here at Vilonia and pretty near wiped that town out.
About 1500 people were at the re-enactment from many different states. A choir sang the song I wrote for the sesquicentennial of Jenkins' Ferry. I even had the CSA flag that was captured by the 9th Wisconsin on stage, plus a descendant of Gen. Samuel Rice who was mortally wounded. His great grandson, Dr. Kennedy, is a retired veterinarian from Iowa City, Iowa.
The black re-enactors from Camden got a grant for their uniforms to portray the 2nd Kansas Colored troops. They captured 3 cannon at Jenkins' Ferry alongside the banks of Cox's Creek. I found their history on the Kansas National Guard website.
All in all it was an enjoyable experience. The blast from one of the cannon blew out a long light tube at the viewing building a quarter mile away. My favorite scene was when a trained horse's rider was killed, he came over to his soldier and nudged him a few times, wanting him to get up off the ground. Gen. Rice's first cousin, 4 times removed, was there from Tennessee -- Richard Rice.
Roy Wilson, Sheridan, AR


(April 26, 2014) Enlarge 2nd Kansas Colored Troops from Camden, AR

(April 26, 2014) Enlarge 2nd Kansas Colored Troops

(April 26, 2014) Enlarge The viewers were close to the action  

(April 26, 2014) Enlarge Private collection of Jenkins' Ferry artifacts found in the 1940s and 50s


(April 26, 2014) Enlarge Private collection. Could it be that these are Gen. Rice's spurs? The article about his death says a buckle from a spur was hit by the bullet and thrust deeper into his foot. I know we couldn't prove it, but how many spurs would have a part shot off?



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