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Wauhatchie Battle Site

Courtesy of Paul Stanfield, GA
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Brown's Ferry
George Greene's Brigade Marker
Lookout Creek
Nashville/Chattanooga R/R Bridge
Rowden Cabin
Rowden Family Cemetery
Schurz/Von Steinwehr Monument
Smith's Hill
Sunset Rock
Tiftonia, TN
Wauhatchie Junction
Wauhatchie R/R Station
Wiedrich's NY Battery Monument

(12-2005) Schurz/Von Steinwehr monument, Wauhatchie Battlefield

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(2007) Monument to New York units of Ireland's Brigade (George Greene's Brigade) of John W. Geary's division, XII Corps, marks the site of the Battle of Wauhatchie. Battle fought on the night of October 28-29, 1863 between elements of Geary's division and South Carolinians under Col. John S. Bratton. Monument located on Wauhatchie Pike

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