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Photos this page courtesy of Paul Stanfield, Chattanooga, TN

(May 3, 2014) Enlarge Entrance to Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site. 117 Taylor Ridge Road, Resaca, GA 30735

1. Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site | Gordon County
2. Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site - The Civil War in Georgia
3. The Civil War Picket: Two Battle of Resaca sites opening

4. The Fort Wayne Historic Site Master Plan is complete


(May 3, 2014) Enlarge Fort Wayne Civil War Historic Site is a county-owned 65 acre historically significant site that contains two well preserved fortified areas used by both Confederate and Union forces during and after the Civil War


(May 3, 2014) Enlarge Trail leading to a hilltop fortification


(May 3, 2014) Enlarge  Detail-1  Detail-2 Kiosk in previous photo


(May 3, 2014) Enlarge Uphill trail to the fortification


(May 3, 2014) Enlarge One of five photos of the hilltop fortification. The earthworks and surrounding terrain are covered with overgrown vegetation and poison ivy is scattered about. Be sure and wear appropriate clothing. See Page-7 for additional photos of this hilltop redoubt

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