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BSA Troop 126
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William Brian Risher
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Old Jackson Road at Crest of Champion Hill
Old Jackson Road at Crest of Champion Hill
March 2016

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   Assembled here is a collection of 22,083 modern photos and panoramas of Civil War sites. The photos (1950's - May 2020) and narratives were provided by the Webmaster and 170 contributors. Included are numerous wartime photos, as well as several official records, reports and maps.

   I wish to extend a special Thank-you to the Contributors who have generously submitted their photos for display in the Photo Albums.
You all have done an excellent job and it is greatly appreciated. The Photo Contributors have made the Website what it is today.
If anyone has photos of Civil War sites and would like to share them please Contact me. is updated regularly, so be sure to check Latest Updates for links to recently added material. Click to add to Your Favorites. Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Bruce Schulze
Oklahoma Highway Patrol, ret.

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